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Website Accessibility

In accordance with the WCAG 2.0 norms (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) to access website’s contents and with a view to respecting the Québec government’s standards on governing website accessibility (SGQRI 008-01), the Réseau de transport de Longueuil’s goal is to make its website and its communication tools accessible to a larger portion of users with handicaps, to individuals with age-related limitations as well as to all users.
The RTL has overhauled its website with a view to better meet website accessibility standards. The technology and the processes used make the information more accessible. Thus, most of RTL’s actual website contents are or will soon be norms and standards compliant.
The RTL is committed to gradually adapt its tools and the documents it publishes on its website to make them more accessible. An accessible document must respect both website accessibility requirement standards (SGQRI 008-01) and downloadable document (SGQRI 008-02). Furthermore, the RTL cannot guarantee access to certain contents and documents from third parties not subjected to those standards.
To improve accessibility, the RTL has put in place certain accepted standards:
  • Browsing
    • A good structure of the blocks and tags

    • A golden thread on all website pages to improve traceability

    • A site plan accessible from each page

    • The possibility to browse the pages using the keyboard

    • The possibility to change the content’s font size

    • A tooltip describes and indicates the opening of hyperlinks

  • Structure
    • The content is organized according to a hierarchical structure with external style sheets

    • The pages are structured with HTML tracking

  • Charts 
    • Charts are accessible with the necessary lines and columns headings’ tracking

  • Pictures
    • A text gives the description of all important pictures

  • Colors 
    • The level of color contrasts is standard compliant

  • Languages 
    • The main language is indicated on each page

Most website pages comply with website accessibility standards.  Even though all efforts are being made to make each page accessible, some site pages and elements are not standards compliant:
  • Videos

  • Flash modules

  • Google Transit Card

Tools validating the site’s compliance

The tools used to assure that the RTL’s website complies with accessibility standards are the following:
  • On line :  W3C HTML validator and CSS  (https://validator.w3.org/)

  • Browsers :  Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Firefox 12 and up, the 23.0.1271.95 m Google version

  • Plug-ins:  WAVE (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool for Firefox), Firefox Accessibility Evaluator 1.5.61, HTML Validator, Juicy Studio Accessibility Toolbar 1.7, Web Developer 1.2.2 for Firefox, Firebug 1.10.6, Color contrast analyser 2.0, SortSite

  • Screen reader : Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) 2012.3


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